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Tutorial – Research; How and Why


I found this online tutorial really helpful as I begin my first module of this degree. It has been many years since I have completed any formal studying, and research was one area I was really nervous about applying into my studies.

Andrea explained how to record my research clearly, and I now feel more confident in recording relevant (and side tracked) reading and research as I go.

  • Keep a rolling bibliography of research to refer to as needed (I have done this in the form of a draft post on this page)
  • “Delve deep, explore wide”… Allow yourself to follow what you find interesting not what you think you should be reading.
  • Don’t worry about reading the whole book.
  • Record all your research using UCA Harvard referencing.
  • Use software – Paperpile, Zotero, BiB, Notion…
  • Bullet point and summarise when reflecting.
  • Take 30 seconds at the end to write down what you took from it.
  • Question everything and validate sources.
  • Feel free to “copy”. Attempts to emulate will result in learning new techniques.
  • 10 minutes a day reading adds up quickly; make a reading list to call on in dead time (i.e. when feeding baby!)
  • Back up notes.
  • Include research in Learning Log.
  • Research will be broad now and become more focused as course progresses.

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