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Tutor led – Approaching an assignment


  • Don’t be afraid to ‘fail’ – EXPERIMENT.
  • Keep up the momentum, plan ahead realistically and stick to deadlines.
  • Use your phone to keep creativity up and pay with ideas unrelated to the assignment. Give yourself side projects.
  • Follow your interest and allow ideas to come to an end if you want to explore different paths.
  • Don’t try and envision the end at the start.

Approaching assignment part one recap – developing a series of work – see previous notes in the padlet.

Projects are for building a body of work – longevity.

Previous session : How to start, develop research revise, evolve. Learning Logs to reflect and plan. Exploring ideas. No ideas…?


Process of an assignment is a journey. Using a visual map/timeline of the process. Sometimes things run out of momentum and just stop. Timelines in padlet may be useful. You cant plan the path at the beginning. You can only start and see where you go. “You don’t need to see the whole path, just take the next step, and the next.” Chase Jarvis

Know the deadlines and map the time out – I have done this. Including busy times with family and work. Allow time for each assignments including re-shoots. And allow contingency time don’t work up to the deadline. A month is a good amount of time. Keep up the pace! Read ahead through the briefs and be aware of ideas and potential timescales for what’s coming up, research needed etc.

Make sure you’re checking in regularly with reflections and learning logs. If you have to work in chunks think about time allocation. Some activities are short and some are longer. If you cannot do one part right now but can do the next – discuss with tutor about potentially switching study around to fit situation.


Studying is the chance to take risks with your work. Level 1- underpinning skills, 2 – experiment take risks, sometimes fail, sometimes succeed 3 – pursue your strengths.

Feel free to go with the obvious stuff and then review. Get them out of your system! Pick a route you seem to be developing and run with it. Then repeat with a different strand.

Beau Lotto – look up

Risk taking

How far you push it is up to you – peer support is really helpful. Feedback is essential. _I NEED TO DO THIS . Tutors are there too. Work is not FINAL until submitted for assessment

Don’t be afraid to rework if required..


Do schools kill creativity?

Creativity is as important as literacy.

Don’t be afraid of being ‘wrong’ or you’ll never be original.


Practice. YOu will have gaps where your vision’s aead of your skillset.

Side projects can help during gaps in your courses, doesnt have to be photography but does have to be creative.

Geoff Dyer – The Ongoing Moment – on tropes within photography. – TO READ.


Work will only happen if you make it. Find subjects you’re passionate about to make photographs of.

Engage with the work and use your passion. If you’re not invested in the idea it will be harder to keep going.


Side projects

Camera phone good – doesn’t need to be shared. Just have a theme running to work with.

PHOTOSKETCHING – Just take the photos – on your phone if needs be – just to ‘play’ with the images and to get used to seeing the image rather than worry about getting it right.

Use it to play with light, angles, framing, reflection. Record in learning log or share to instagram. Get used to publishing the experimental work.

Maybe use categories like Steven Shore: Taking photographs that “feel like seeing”.

Think about the difference between how you speak and how you write. Is there a difference between seeing some thing and photographing it?

Shoot in black and white and photograph purposefully in black and white.

Choose an angle – centre frame or one side etc. Rule of thirds.

Shoot film


From lee abbey to Everyone: 06:44 PM
https://archive.org/ – great resource
From sarah to Everyone: 06:44 PM
Sky Arts Photographer of the Year series has been excellent
From Me to Everyone: 06:45 PM
Focus – To Do app – syncs on all devices and has really helped me plan my workload and track my time.
From Liz Smith to Everyone: 06:45 PM
From Jonathan Kiernan to Everyone: 06:45 PM
I find the podcast on https://unitednationsofphotography.com/ useful and interesting
From kate to Everyone: 06:45 PM
scribd.com Subscription but has been so useful. Books, audiobooks, pdfs, cinema (via mubi) and sheet music.
From Niki South to Everyone: 06:45 PM
AOP association of Photography Breakfast talks which we have free access to until the end of the month
From lee abbey to Everyone: 06:45 PM
From Lynda to Everyone: 06:46 PM
Lumix Festival starts this week: https://lumix-festival.de/en/home/

From Niki South to Everyone: 06:46 PM
The Photographers Gallery TPG – Slow art study webinars
From Lynda to Everyone: 06:46 PM
VII Photo Agency – free book club & lectures
From andrew to Everyone: 06:47 PM
From Eeva Whybrow to Everyone: 06:49 PM
Eventbrite – type ‘photography’ onto the search bar. You will get long list of free photography online sessions.
From lee abbey to Everyone: 06:49 PM
You can do timelines in Padlet – might be useful (including linking)
From Dave C to Everyone: 06:50 PM
Please mute your microphones – thank you
From Doug Bell to Everyone: 06:50 PM
Can everybody check that their mikes are muted while Andrea is presenting
From sharoncromie to Everyone: 06:55 PM
The Association of Photographers has some great zoom sessions, free membership for students, details are on the OCA discuss forum
From Madalina Androne to Everyone: 06:55 PM
https://www.behance.net/99u – creativity, workshops, talks
From kate to Everyone: 06:59 PM
re padlet – I used it to make an overview of my A1 for DI&C. https://oca.padlet.org/kate513940/vki3ohf8mjabl5h7
From Liz Smith to Everyone: 07:00 PM
Thanks Kate
From Simon Chirgwin to Everyone: 07:07 PM
I always find that I take much better pictures of somewhere I’m visitng, the second time I go there – the first time generally just produces those “obvious” pictures while you’re working out what it is you’re actually looking at…
wrt risks – how crap does something need to be to fail?
From Daniel to Everyone: 07:11 PM
anything by Charlie Waite on YouTube and his books
From Liz Smith to Everyone: 07:12 PM
I had that with Photoshop skills – returned to images taken years before and was able to do a lot more.
From lee abbey to Everyone: 07:15 PM
other bookshops available

From Matt Lewis to Everyone: 07:16 PM
Another nice easy read is Photography, A Very Short Introduction by Steve Edwards. And it is very short. 🙂
From Eeva Whybrow to Everyone: 07:18 PM
that’s the age we all are
From Simon Chirgwin to Everyone: 07:24 PM
I’ve found helpful having the pictures I take on my phone (and any pictures people send me in texts or whatsapp or whatsevah, get automatically uploaded to flickr (where I keep them private, rather than appearing on my stream) makes a really interesting thing to look through and to see just how many different sorts of photographs you make over the course of time.
From lindajarrett to Everyone: 07:24 PM
I did a lot of baking during lockdown and took abstract photographs of the mess that was left behind as one of my personal projects
From lee abbey to Everyone: 07:30 PM
This is another great clip of him https://youtu.be/T029CTSO0IE
From Adelina Gelu to Everyone: 07:33 PM
A very nice book : Steal like an artist -Austin Kleon
From Lynda to Everyone: 07:34 PM
Austin Kleon does a weekly newsletter – also full of creative tips.
From Liz Smith to Everyone: 07:34 PM
From Jonathan Kiernan to Everyone: 07:35 PM
Thanks Andrea very useful as usual. Bye
From Daniel to Everyone: 07:35 PM
thank you great session, very enjoyable
From sarah to Everyone: 07:35 PM
Andrea, these sessions are always very interesting and helpful. Thank you as always
From lee abbey to Everyone: 07:35 PM
Thanks Andrea – really helpful – I have, HAVE to watch Arsenanl now!
From Dave C to Everyone: 07:35 PM
Thanks Andrea another very useful session
From Archna Singh to Everyone: 07:36 PM
thank you so much Andrea. it was really useful
From Madalina Androne to Everyone: 07:36 PM
Thank you very much Andrea.
From sharoncromie to Everyone: 07:36 PM
Thanks Andrea, great ideas

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