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The Square Mile – Idea 2

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve lived in the same suburb of Norwich most of my life. I moved here a few months before my 9th birthday, and except for a short 18 month stint where I moved about 1 mile away, I’ve been here ever since.

It dawned on me recently that my eldest son is now the same age as I was when we moved here.

I have grown used to my surrounding streets and views, and have no doubt become content with my view of the area and what I tend to notice and ignore. I started to wonder whether my son views the same houses, streets and shops in the same way as I do, with similar features catching his eye.

My idea was to got for my usual walk around the block to my parents’ and back, photographing the things that usually call my attention, or that I have grown used to being a staple part of the area. I would then repeat the walk with my son and ask him to point out things that he notices. I like the idea of giving him a camera to photograph it from a child’s point of view, and then compare the two. Or returning a third time to photograph what he saw, but in my own way.

Again around this time the covid-19 pandemic struck and we avoided leaving the house. In hindsight this would have been an ideal time to be walking the streets to photograph relatively worry free of people wondering what I was taking a photo of and why, but it didn’t feel safe or sit comfortably to be out wandering around.

Therefore I decided to shelf this idea and turn my attention to a slightly smaller “square mile”.

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