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The Square Mile – Chosen Idea

Since starting this course the world has changed beyond recognition in a way we could never have seen coming.

We, like most of the world, are currently in lockdown; told by our government to stay home to avoid the spread of Covid-19 which has spread across the globe killing 100s of thousands of people and bringing healthcare systems (and economies) to their knees.

As a result, even the thought of the square mile beyond my front door seems a million worlds away. Roads are empty, shops closed and playgrounds quiet.

As much as I want to document this time and how it is affecting us all, I have to also recognise we are in ‘survival mode’. As a mum to three young children – one baby and two primary school children – my number 1 priority is keeping my family safe and healthy.

Suddenly my whole world is within my property boundaries. My husband is working from home. My children’s school is closed and our dining table is their new classroom. My own work is either postponed or taken online. The only time we leave the house is when one of us does essential grocery shopping or we go for an occasional walk to drop supplies to my parents. Therefore I have chosen to document this unprecedented time as it unravels for our family just under our own roof.

I thought about doing this as a bigger series, maybe a daily photo, however for the sake of my own mental health I didn’t want the added pressure of yet another thing to do each and every day. Plus I didn’t want to be taking images for the sake of taking an image that day.

Instead I’m planning on putting together a succinct series of photos that I feel summarise our time in lock-down. Things that feel important at the time, or capture the mood of our days hiding from an invisible threat.

I’m always naturally drawn to documentary photography and compelled to document events with photography. It feels extremely important to me to record this time. I’m also very aware this pandemic will be one of the most documented historical events to date, with everyone having access to cameras, and so this plan feels unnervingly unoriginal.

I want to use this assignment as a chance for me to improve my story telling skills within my photography, with the aim to have a clear story running throughout my final image choices. I also hope to improve my story telling within each frame.

Taking photographs of my own every day is not something I tend to do as I usually find it very mundane and uninteresting to the viewer. I hope this will get me into the habit of picking up my camera more, as well as editing and uploading my images more routinely.

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