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Assignment 1 – Tutor Feedback Response

30 second reflection: I was really proud to have some great positive feedback for this first assignment. I wasn’t sure if I had taken the right approach but was pleased to hear I was on the right track. My self reflections were praised and I was reassured that my approach to my studies and my learning log are on the right track from the outset. There were areas identified I could have expanded on my process and I will take that feedback forward to future assignments.

Further thoughts:

We discussed the presenting of the images in different orders to see how they might form narratives based on the sequence. I tried to roughly follow a chronological order but it was good to know that I have the freedom to experiment with this if needed to better fit my vision.

It was mentioned to include more of my thought processes on the development as I go, for example a specific post on the pros and cons of adding text to the images. I think I’m trying to keep things succinct but I guess it goes back to the old exam questions of “show your working”! I need to keep this in mind going forward.

It’s good to know that my research was relative and helpful. My tutor mentioned possibly looking into the work of Family Documentary Photographer Kirsten Lewis. I have actually previously been heavily influenced by Kirsten, having completed her Creative Live Courses and being hugely inspired by her work in my own photography business.

It was commented on that my Start, Stop, Continue approach was helpful in identifying my areas to work on and where strengths lie. I plan to continue to use this thought process through the coming exercises to help me learn from the work as I go.

I don’t think I will rework this assignment as the images are all such unique moments in time that I don’t feel shooting more will add anything more to this series. I’m very glad I have these images to look back on the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic!

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