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Square Mile – second reflections

I didn’t have many images that I wanted to shoot to complete my series. But having an intention of things to capture rather than just capturing moments as I see them proved tricky.

It kick started my over thinking and I have therefore spent a lot of time with my own thoughts pondering this assignment recently.

I’m not overly happy with my Lego or swimming pictures. The Lego ones lack story.  We have been trying to organise the Lego into new containers and do we settled down in front of the Space X/NASA launch to sort some more.  I really struggled with the lighting – my living room is a series of harsh spot lights and different temperature lamps – and I could not find a view point that to me portrayed what was happening in the room. The angle looked unoriginal and much like others from earlier photos. I felt my images lack depth and interest as a result.

The swimming images also presented a challenge. I realise retrospectively that I should have shot with both a faster burst speed and shutter speed to maximise my chance of capturing an exciting image of the boys jumping in to the pool. I was wary shooting too close in fear of my camera getting wet. My lack of telephoto lens really becoming apparent here. Again I wanted to show the carefree fun of cooling in the pool, in a non typical snapshot way. So far one of my favourites from this group is actually the splash in the pool central to the frame, where you can’t even identify who has made the splash. I’m not yet sure if that will fit in with the final series though.

I have now been wondering if this concept meets the brief as well as I could have done, and whether another one of my other ideas would have been a better fit. However I also recognise that I have been completing this assignment in strange and unusual times where my restrictions from my own circumstances have been greater than usual. I believe with the rest of the course lying ahead, I have made the best of this period and can now or together a strong series of images.

I am also struggling with the idea of text for the photographs. I thought I’d be spoilt for choice for sound bites with the random phrases that come from the mouths of my family, but the few I’ve picked up on just don’t seem to fit with any images. I’ll keep trying and am debating ‘interviewing’ each of them if needs be.

Lastly I feel very conscious that this assignment has taken some time to complete. I am now very aware that in order to complete this degree in a timely manner, I need to not over think everything and just pick up the camera or out pen to paper to get stuck into the assignments quicker. By leaving my brief quite open I have found it harder to focus my efforts and be confident in my actions. A lot of this initial time has also been spent getting to grips with the course, my learning log and of course adjusting to ‘pandemic life’. I believe this will get easier in time as I get used to studying and shooting regularly.

Action points:

  • Start: Noting my successes as well as my struggles.
  • Stop: Overthinking. Under exposing my images.
  • Continue: Considering the overall story and interest within the whole frame.

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