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Research – Irving Penn

When my tutor pointed me in the direction of Irving Penn I knew that this was a direction I wanted to take my assignment 4 re-work into.

I really enjoyed the way that Penn has combined fashion with still life photography, and how he has almost glamourized decay.

My tutor suggested that maybe I should find more interesting textures in fruit rather than trying to bring out the tiny surface textures without a macro lens. Using decaying fruit is an ideal way to do this. Plus I always have decaying fruit in good supply in a house of good intentions but poor decisions!

Although Penn has an incredibly varied portfolio of work including a wide variety of food images. I particularly like the ones against plain white/ light coloured backgrounds that are lit well and crisp and clear in their presentation.

I would like to replicate this in my reshoot of A4.

12 Apples, New York, 1985, Irving Penn
Frozen Food (with String Beans), 1977, Irving Penn
Italian Still Life (B), New York, 1981, Irving Penn
Rose ‘Blue Moon’, London, 1970 Dye transfer print
Ripe Cheese, New York, 1992 Dye transfer print

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