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Assessment Part 1 – Learning Objective 2

Lockdown was lifechanging in many ways for everyone. No-one could have predicted what lay ahead when the first details of the coronavirus pandemic started to emerge. These images are a very brief summary of the early days of this period in our lives.

Although taken from the earliest assignment long before I had got to grips with the course content and developed my skills accordingly, I wanted to revisit these images when putting together a body of selected work for assessment. To me they have been not only one of my most coherent series’ of images, but also the most poignant. And although now over a year later this period seem likes such a small snapshot of time, it was in fact an extremely pivotal time in my life, and the images of my family are reflective of not only what and who have got me through the pandemic, but also my studying and various life changes since these images were taken.

While all the images in assignment 1 fitted the brief of what I was looking to achieve at the time, it is these 6 images that I feel epitomise what lockdown was for me and I feel they create a strong series without the need for the additional 3 included in the original set.

I wanted to title the images to add a little bit of context to each photograph. I feel this adds a deeper meaning to the photos and helps the viewer relate. Although I have struggled within the restrictions of my web display options to display them in the slightly more minimalist manner that I would have liked, I feel it was important to have the ability to see these titles alongside their respective images.

I would have liked to have displayed these as large full-screen images with a small title displayed alongside or as a slight overlay within a slideshow or interactive gallery. I however struggled to find a website plug in gallery option that would display them as hoped, and have had to settle for this was of displaying them.

My aim when creating these images was to document the onset of lockdown and what it looked like for our family. Revisiting these photographs now, I feel they are an important part of my family history and the significance of these images goes beyond the composition, lighting etc and other skills I have developed over the course of the Expressing Your Vision unit. It is the context and significance of the circumstance surrounding these photos that really make the images such a powerful set for me.

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