Learning Log,  Reflection

Into The Unknown

So many teams collaborating.

Animator with impostor syndrome – animating the key part of “Into The Unknown” with the main character – and still felt like she wasn’t good enough. Using techniques of using herself as a model.

Interesting how many animators work from home.

Producer coordinating everything – lighting, colour pallete, costumes etc.

meetings between directors of other movies. Collacoration again. No right or wrong answers

Re-writing until the last minute.

REsearch trip – to iceland, epiphany and help connect to your art.

Draw on personal experiences – good bad, joyful and painful

put yourself in front of the camera to experiment and practice/model

Deadlines and goals to keep on track – communication between departments to achieve these goals – long days and hard work

putting out non finished work for approval and development – vulnerable and exposed.

feedback – development – feedback – development

cutting months of work – not a bad thing

doubting the whole thing at the end

working to the wire

Symbolic almost shredding of storyboards once story locked in

Wrapping up the meetings with applause!

“Pitching ideas” “Didn’t Land” “Dailies”

Messy desks vs clean desks! Surrounded by own artwork, other artwork and current WIP artwork.

Feeling the pressure to get it right for audience especially the kids.

Subject study – watching cloth movements emulating shot by shot – checking lighting. Simulations v reality.

Bring together so many elements, music – writing, choirs, orchestras, writing storyboards, animation – lighting, effects,

Carrying on a legacy. Impact on public. The stories and their effect. The wider impact of their work.


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