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Exercise 4.4 – Personal Voice

I don’t know why but the first thing I searched for was ‘banana’.

Predictably, I was met with a sea of yellow.

There seems to be something quite ‘novelty’ about a banana, with it’s bright cheerful colour and non-conforming shape.

The images in the search results are mostly also quite graphical in nature; simple images with plain backgrounds, I wondered what it would be like to photograph a banana in a softer light, maybe with a more textured / interesting background. Could this be taken further and the bright colour removed completely to give the image of a dull, drab banana.

Alternatively, what about a pop art spin? A bright, vivid image, but not a hint of yellow to be seen.

I at the time I had also shot my A4 assignment and I had some banana images in there. I particularly liked the one of the old banana broken in half; bending backwards away from it’s normal shape. But it still had the plain white background seen in most of the google image search results.

I decided to turn this into a big, bright, strong contrast, backwards-bent blue banana.

I decided to use this exercise as a chance to play around with some digital image manipulation and get to grips with my new affinity photo software. The obvious path for me was to pick the opposite colour to yellow and run with it. So originally I thought purple, but when experimenting I preferred the look with the blue hues. I didn’t want to over complicate matters so I simply added an HSL adjustment layer to add the blue, and then adjusted the brightness / contrast and shadows to get a pleasing result. I then used the blemish tool to remove a few bits of dusk and marks on the background, cropped it slightly to fill the frame more and decided to leave it there.


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