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Exercise 4.3 – Egg or Stone

For this exercise I wanted to explore the form and texture of a lime with different lighting.

I actually ended up lighting all these images with my mobile phone torch and a head torch, holding or propping up the light. The room was otherwise blackened. The benefit of having hand held continuous light was I was able to move the light around and see what I thought worked well.

I had initially tried to use my speedlight flash and a lumecube flash. But I really struggled to get the settings as I wanted, often over or under exposing images. I found the constant light gave me the stability I needed to experiment with direction and strength of light by moving the light around and moving it closer or further from the lime.

Whilst overall the below images have sort of come out as I had planned, I’m a little disappointed with these images. I would have really loved a macro lens to capture these images, but I only had access to a 35mm fixed prime lens. As a result there is a lot of negative space in the images, where as I was hoping for a more abstract result. I couldn’t move closer due to the minimal focal length of the lens.

Thank said, I do like the way these images have a somewhat celestial or lunar feel to them. This could be a green asteroid hurtling through space. I do feel that the lighting does accentuate the texture of the lime’s skin, which is what I wanted to photograph most. So in that respect these feel like a success.

Going forward I am thinking of exploring this lighting of fruit further, looking at the different textures of other fruits, and also the inside of fruits. I think if I take this forward into Assignment 4 work, I will look to use fixed lights such as table lamps and set the shots up a little better as holding the lights whilst trying to hold the camera was very tricky and I think had a detrimental effect on the images.

I may also look to crop the images down to remove some of the black negative space, and providing more of that close up look I was initially after.

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