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Exercise 1.1 The Instrument

By photographing on a day with fast moving clouds in a frame largely filed with sky, I had predicted that the exposures would show big differences on the histograms from the changing light. I was surprised at how similar they actually remained. I can see now that with my camera set to auto, the shutter speed was automatically adjusted to compensate, resulting in minimal – yet clear – differences on the histogram. The ISO and aperture interestingly remained mostly the same.

I repeated this exercise by taking a series of 3-4 images a few seconds apart, at intervals of 5-10 minutes apart. I had expected that comparing the histograms from each mini series to another to show even more differences between them. But again the auto exposure kept things very similar. While look at the images there is no obvious changes to the eye as the camera has balanced the exposure, there are clear differences in both camera settings and histogram.

I liked the phrase from the exercise; “You can’t step into the same river twice”. As well as the moving clouds, across the images I took from this scene (not all shown below) there were also changes from the crops moving in the wind, with a bird flying in to view and people walking through the frame. Having finished up with quite a few versions of the same image it was surprising how many variables there were and it made choosing a favourite image to share difficult despite all the photographs being almost the same.

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