Learning Log,  Reflection

Course beginnings

Distance learning is very intimidating. It’s very hard to perceive things as intended via text without the benefit of face to face interaction and instant feedback.

Nonetheless I’m looking forward to the challenge as as someone who has worked extensively online in recent years, both through my own business and in various online learning short courses, I’m hoping it will be easy to follow the course. As keen as I am to get cracking I want to ensure that I get good studying foundations in place, and so have been taking time to get acquainted with the OCA student site in an attempt to get a feel for the way things work and how I can make the most of resources.

So far this extends to having a look at my course details within my OCA account, starting the online “Introduction to Studying HE”, attending a group Zoom meeting, and starting to set up this blog to use as my learning log.

The blog is taking some tweaking; I have my own website so I have created a sub-domain for a fresh WordPress install. However the OCA recommended theme seems to be in the wrong file format so I’ll continue to attempt to work that out. From what I can tell the theme looks simple and fresh and easy to navigate, and looks well suited to a learning log. I’m reluctant to spend hours looking for a better one just yet.
I’m finding the OCA account helpful in having the course in e-format, and I feel the forum will be beneficial. I was starting to lose track of the emails all coming in related to message threads, but I like knowing that there are others out there at the same stage as me. Tonight’s Zoom meeting was helpful and a great introduction both the assignments and those studying the course with me. I’m excited now to get started.

For now I want to get into the habit of writing often, to get my thoughts out ‘on paper’. As I work through my assignments I hope this will help with my reflections on my work and serve as a helpful record to monitor my progress.

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