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    Exercise 3.1 – Freeze

    In an attempt to recreate fluid images similar to those of Edgerton and Worthington above, I decided to play with the water in the bathroom sink. The bathroom usually gets some lovely daylight thanks to a south facing window which…

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    Arthur Mason Worthington

    A M Worthington’s splash photographs could easily be mistaken for Edgerton’s Milk Drop images at first glance. I like that Worthington also blurs the lines between science and photography, and used his physics work to move the possibilities of photography…

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    Harold Edgerton

    I was drawn to Edgerton’s images due to the scientific nature of his work. While his infamous Milk Drop Coronet and other Milk Drop images are instantly recognizable, I also love images such as ‘Bullet Through Balloons’, ‘This Is Coffee’…