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Brad Walls; Pools From Above

Just as I started looking at the next exercises of Point, Line and Frame, I noticed a news article cropping up a lot about aerial photogrspher Brad Walls; who has taken photographs of swimming pools around the world.

I found his work interesting as he uses a number of these fundamental techniques of composition in order to create his striking and visually appealing images. I really like the unusual viewpoint using the drone achieves, and found it interesting just how the images are so unlike our usual perception of how a swimming pool should look.

Where he places the points / subjects in his frame is interesting as this seems to change a lot throughout his work. I wonder whether this is framed in this way from the drone, or whether he crops these images to create this framing. I also like how he often leaves a lot of the frame empty, and the negative space allows your eye to wander around the frame before settling on the subject.

Interestingly, when I applied the rule of thirds to the below images, only the image with the lane pool in the bottom right of the image fell strictly within these rules; with the pool walls following the left vertical and uppermost horizontal section lines. I like how the resting swimmers break this line and create interest. The image with the sunbather in the large hat also positions the edge of the pool along the left vertical line, but instead of placing the subject where this line intersects a horizontal – a composition technique often used – she is in fact positioned centrally on this line. I feel this balances the image nicely, and she would have less impact on the image if placed on an intersection.

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