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Assignment two – final idea

As I stood making toast I once again found myself mulling over how/what I was going to shoot for my assignment.

I’d recently explored a new idea that had come to me on one of my walks where I had found a lone bobble on a bobble hat sat abandoned longing for its owner on top of a fence post. Further on I found a single glove on a bench.

I thought about how these things were in use and then got left behind and seemingly forgotten. I noticed a few similar lost property items when I was out another time and thought it would make for an interesting series after my original idea of photographing items stored incorrectly.

However my plans were somewhat thwarted in my next couple of purposeful walks I took to shoot such images, only to find there were no such things to be found!

As I stood at the toaster and noticed the Lego Duplo character abandoned next to the loaf of bread, it occurred to me I didn’t need to go out to photograph lost, forgotten, misplaced items; I was surrounded by them at home!

Having battled with my mental health for the last year or so, one of the things I’ve really struggled with is keeping the house tidy. It’s been putting me off shooting my planned images for Assignment 2 as I knew I’d have to tidy each location before I could set up the shot.

Now the answer was staring me in the face – shoot the things that are already stored in the wrong place! I plan a series of images that will therefore also serve as part documentary for this chaotic chapter in our lives. I intend to shoot close up images with the misplaced object the obvious subject, but with their surroundings in view to show the strange juxtaposition with its location.

This idea will also help me shoot for this assignment quickly to help me meet my soon approaching deadline.

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