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Assignment 4 – Tutor Feedback Response

Having been really disappointed with my initial A4 images, it was good to chat over ideas with my tutor and think about how to bring the assignment images closer to how I envisioned.

I had already thought about exploring the textures of withered fruit so will look to experiment with this. I was pleased to be introduced to the the work of Irving Penn as I feel his work will help develop the next images I produce.

I had initially ruled out my ideas of using more interesting subjects in the images, feeling that it was the subtle textures I wanted to pull out in my photographs. However I realise now that I was never really going to achieve this without a macro lens. I will experiment with cropping the images also to see if that brings me closer, but I think actually using larger fruit or vegetables to fill my frame is a good idea, and the textures of bigger fruit will be easier to show.

We also talked about how cutting up the fruit showed more textures, but how I struggled to highlight these with the lighting. The textures are very subtle so it was suggested maybe try biting or ripping the fruit to exaggerate them which I think is a good idea.

All in al I wish I had more time to try many more approaches to this assignment, but I will do what I can with the time I have and see if I can achieve a higher quality set of photographs.

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