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Assignment 3 – Tutor Feedback Response

I was pleased that my tutor felt I had captured the actions of domestic chores within the series well. My tutor made a good point that the kettle and washing machine images worked well as I had a sense of presence within the photograph without really being identifiable, and questioned whether the image of brushing my teeth worked in the series as you can make out my face more clearly. I had deliberately picked this particular photograph in the teeth brushing series as I had tried to keep my face still, and capture the actual act of brushing my teeth. However with this feedback I think actually there are other images that would work better against the others in the series where I am less identifiable, but it is still clear that it is a photograph of brushing my teeth. I wonder whether this is easier to receive by the viewer as the current image is quite confrontational in nature with me looking into camera, and also I feel like maybe the viewer can place themselves within the action they are viewing if they are not presented with an identity, and therefore feel more connected to the image.

My tutor used the word ‘mundane’ to describe the tasks, which felt particularly true for the washing machine and kettle images, and I definitely feel the are two of the strongest images in the set. The point was raised about ensuring the composure is right within the frame to show the movement from a long exposure, and I am aware that is definitely something that I struggled to get right.

It was also suggested maybe I might like to include images from the freeze exercise to add variety to the series, however while I was pleased with the photographs I made for that exercise, my aim was to represent my completion of every day tasks, and I don’t feel this represents this idea in a way that I feel I should include it.

After discussing this with my tutor I think actually the fact these acts have been even been completed when I often find them such a struggle to do is more important to capture than the passing of time whilst completing them. To re-work this assignment, I would like to shoot more ‘mundane’ tasks at a variety of shutter speeds to create a stronger series of images. I feel it is less important about the length of time shown in the photograph which was my original goal, and is more important that the sense of movement is captured in a way that works both as a singular photograph and as part of a strong set of images.

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