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Assignment 3 Re-Work

Having really been unhappy with my images from Assignment 3 I wanted to revisit it again before submission following my tutors feedback and the nagging thoughts that I hadn’t been able to experiment with some multi image frames.

As I thought about the plan to record the act of the mundane tasks, I thought more about how maybe one method of doing so didn’t really do the act of completing the tasks justice.

I thought about how my tutor had mentioned the possibility of including some images from Ex 3.1 Freeze into the series and how at the time I thought this was a terrible idea, as how would this portray the action of completing the tasks?

I had originally wanted to include tasks such as hoovering, tidying and folding washing as these were all daily activities I also really struggle with, but as I discovered when originally shooting for this assignment, capturing these on a long exposure enough to actually show what the task is and the length of time it takes would have involved doing it in almost complete darkness, which just wasn’t practical.

But I felt that these tasks would actually be a good fit for a composite multi exposure image. With my camera set to interval timer I could take a number of images that would show the various stages of this task and I could combined them in an edit to create one image. It occurred to me that actually these could be combined with the long exposure images to create a coherant set, despite using different methods. My experience with Affinity Photo has increased since originally wanting to try this, and attempting to create maybe three images instead of the 6-10 requested in the brief felt achievable.

Since completing A3 originally, I have also discovered a big part of why these tasks say cognitive effort is due to me having ADHD. I realised that it’s not just depression that can cause me to switch off and struggle with mundane tasks, but actually it’s my executive dysfunction preventing me from doing so. These tasks are too boring for my brain!

Some of the tasks that I wanted to include that I struggle with:

  • Remembering to stop to eat and/or drink
  • Showering / Washing Hair
  • Brushing Teeth
  • Hoovering
  • Folding Laundry / Putting it away
  • Doing the laundry
  • Tidying up clutter and mess

Of the original images I agreed with my tutor that a less identifiable image for brushing my teeth would be better and so I revisited the original images to select one that worked well. However when I added the multi frame images the teeth brushing one stood out as a weak link. It was a closer portrait crop than the others which were more a general view of a room or scene, also it looked like a blurry multi frame image instead of a motion blur which confused it’s place within the set.

I felt three of the original images plus three composite images would create a good series illustrating 6 activities that really require my focus and conscious decision to complete every day. For this reason I kept the cup of tea image in even though with the teeth brushing image removed this became the weakest image in my opinion. I struggled to correct the white balance issues created by my aging LED undercounter lights, and I would have liked to see more motion blur across the image to pull it together.

I was pleased with how the final images came together and was particularly pleased with the multi frame image results as it was the first time I’d tried this technique. I feel they worked well, and actually with more time I’d have liked to have re-done the entire series with this method.

I later chose to use this assignment as an example of my creative work. My presentation can be found here:

In this presentation I chose to display these images like scattered prints – replicating the slightly chaotic nature of the movement within the photographs themselves. I wanted to keep the presentation simple and uncluttered with text, with links to further reading if desired.

Final Images

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