Assignment 3,  Learning Log,  Reflection

Assignment 3 ideas

  • Freezing a repetitive motion with a fast shutter – a long repeated motion in real life, but just a fraction of a second is recorded. For example tapping on a table, playing ping pong etc.
  • panning photos of the children playing, freezing them but the world around them is blurred in their play
  • using strobe to capture a series of movements we don’t usually witness in stages, like standing up, turning round etc.
  • long exposure self portraits of mundane tasks. Things we all do everyday that take up our time but we either don’t notice the time passing, or often we’re on autopilot.

I think of all of these ideas I want to explore either the strobe idea or the long exposure.

I am most drawn to a series of self portraits as it feels quite apt that I should record these actions at a time I am readjusting to a well functioning daily routine. Where I used to feel overwhelmed by just the thought of regular daily tasks, now they are becoming automatic and I no longer over think the time I have to spend on these parts of my day. I also always avoid being in front of the camera and this will give me a chance to explore something I’ve not done before and use my tripod and remote shutter release to take images of myself.

Ideas for tasks to photograph include

  • Washing
  • Brushing teeth
  • Doing my hair / make up
  • Typing / studying
  • Doing the laundry
  • Cooking
  • Washing up
  • Eating
  • Putting shoes or coat on to go outside
  • Hoovering / tidying

All of these things are things that over the past year I have struggled with due to my mental health, but now I do them daily by making myself do them and not put them off, knowing I will feel better for it.
Many people may do these things without even thinking about them, but for me they take a commitment to myself to stay on top of things to make my days easier in the long run. My day is made up of many of these such ‘decisive moments’.

At the moment I’m unsure how I will capture these actions, whether I will leave my exposure long enough to record the whole action, or whether to keep the exposure time the same for all these tasks, maybe a second, ten seconds or a minute. I like the idea of recording the whole action, and noting the time it takes. We all have so many minutes / seconds in the day and this is how I spend a certain allocation of that time. But I am concerned that the action will be lost through motion blur, so I also like the idea of shorter exposures, where maybe only my arms have blurred and it’s more apparent what is happening in the photograph. I might experiment- time allowing – and see what brings results I am happy with.

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