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Assignment 2 – Tutor Feedback Response

A2 has been a difficult assignment for me given that I have constantly stopped and started on it and over thought it from the outset. It has fallen at a difficult time personally and I have struggled to get going.

I had so many ideas for this assignment that I found it difficult to pick one and get started. I also had quite clear ideas of what I wanted to achieve, but felt unable to achieve them in camera. My tutors’ feedback that I need to articulate these ideas with experimental images is a very valid point and I now see how this is a big void in the showing of my creative process. I think that I felt too perfectionist about it and I need to not be so afraid to ‘fail’ that I don’t even try.

I also had many personal hang ups about the ideas I had, as I felt very exposed by the idea of photographing within my own house and opening myself up to allowing viewers to witness my mess, or dealing with the confrontational nature of following up the ideas of close up portraits or views from within peoples homes, for example. This led me to pursue the idea that I didby process of elimination.

However, I don’t particularly like these images. I don’t think they work to portray my intentions and the idea of clutter accumulating doesn’t come across as strongly as I’d hoped. There were also many technical issues that came up in conversation with my tutor, like the difference in white balance in one particular image making it stand out for the wrong reason. I tried the images in black and white to see if they felt more coherent but it didn’t add to them in anyway. The view point and composition often wasn’t great either, and it was apparent that the lack of feeling of human presence left the images feeling a little lacklustre.

Over all I felt very disappointed with these images, and continue to think more about the things in the wrong place idea. I might try a shoot exploring this to see if this proves to be more successful in getting my intentions across, and if it doesn’t chalk it up to experience of experimenting and trying even when daunting.

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