Assignment 2,  Learning Log

Assignment 2 – Initial Ideas – Collecting

Create a series of between six and ten photographs on one of the following subjects:

  • Things
  • Views
  • Heads

With much of my work so far focused on every day life, I felt the same should apply to this assignment. I have a few thoughts about each option but I am currently unsure which avenue to explore further. I may shoot some images of each and see what interests me the most and gives me the most satisfaction.


Creating a DIY lightbox I will photograph a number of my everyday items against a plain background, creating an almost archival feel, or similar to a catalogue item. I would like these things to show signs of use to contrast against the very clinical white background. I may actually use close ups of these images to create an abstract view where maybe the item isn’t immediately identifiable.

Another thought for this subject is to photograph things with clear purposes, in the wrong environment. Maybe a plated meal and cutlery on my car dashboard, the shampoo in the fridge, or my shoes in the shower. Maybe this could provoke discomfort with the viewer, maybe comedy. I would want these to feel quite snap shot in nature, like I just discovered the items there. (Research point for style

I have an interest in every day things, one of my favourite things about museum visits is viewing items that were disregarded as mundane every day items when in use, but viewed with fascination now. It may be they seem so old fashioned, they may not have changed form or function over many years, or they may be very easily dated due to their fashionable design of the time. (Research point on design form and function )


Again a couple of ideas for this.

One was the immediate view from windows in my home, maybe combined with views from other peoples houses. One thing that fascinates me as I walk around my neighbourhood is how all the 1930’s houses now look so different from each other, giving each house a different view.

Another was viewpoints looking down various roads that I use regularly. The city is currently under a lot of renovation and change, and I am aware that the view of the roads change regularly. Also often when driving around we switch to almost auto pilot mode and don’t take in the actual views of what is in front of us. I may do this with a wide angle view giving a vanishing point in the centre to bring a constant composition to each image, or look for the most ‘picturesque’ view in each scene.


When I first saw this assignment the first idea I had was to incorporate Lego heads. My children are lego obsessed and therefore we find bricks and figures EVERYWHERE. I thought about photographing either the heads alone or the figures in various locations around the house. I did think about placing these in really unusual places, and using the ideas from the Point exercise to compose these images. This led on to the above mentioned idea of everyday items in unusual places.

As a lot of my paid work is portrait in some form, I also felt a series of portraits was an obvious choice here. I thought about revisiting my idea from Square Mile about a series of environmental portraits but felt this wasn’t ‘heady’ enough. A series of close up portraits of purely close headshots feels like a better fit to the brief. For me an obvious way to connect this to my every day life would be to photograph my immediate family. I also like this idea as a documentary piece of work to capture the likenesses of my family as they are right now. I am unsure whether I would want these ‘heads’ deadpan looking directly at camera, or maybe giving the subjects free reign to do whatever expression they wish for their photograph.


Currently my favourite ideas are the close up portraits, the views through windows in my little slice of suburbia, and the every day items in unusual places.

Header Image:

Header Image: David Hoffman, Photographer – Curious Kin (s.d.) At: (Accessed 03/10/2020).

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