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Assignment 2 – Developed Idea

Having shot what I thought were my assignment images, when I looked at the selection I felt actually they were lacking context and didn’t come across as I had hoped.

I had hoped that the objects that were very much ‘out of place’ would stand out more. Like an alien in the scene. However all it was was a set of photos of mess laying around my house. Which, in itself, could have made an adequate series, but it wasn’t the context I was going for.
I wanted the photographs to portray how these things weren’t where they belonged. But actually the subject of my image jut got lost amongst the chaos around it; the wine glass and food colouring didn’t look so out of place on the bathroom shelf, because the shelf was so messy the context seemed lost.

This realisation has come at a time of trying to sort out the mess around the house anyway. As my mental health has improved it has left me wanting to get to grips with many things, and my house and the way we live is one of them.

Therefore I decided that I would make each of the images a diptych, with a before and after image to show the chaos and the calm. However I think I will actually arrange these as after-before in layout, as the mess is the subject – namely the out of place items – and that is the context of my images, not the way it should look. As people tend to scan left to right, and we usually understand that left comes before right when reading etc, I’m hoping this will give the series greater impact and draw the viewer to what I was trying to portray in my images better.

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