Learning Log,  Reflection

An Introduction

Many, many years ago I studied A Level Photography (Back in the days of darkrooms) and in 2014 I received an unconditional offer to study BA(Hons) Photography in my hometown at Norwich University of the Arts. Somewhere in-between those two events I started photographing weddings, families and most recently births, all in a very documentary based style, under my own photography business. My photography hobby outside of these genres tends to fall to street, night photography and urban landscapes.

Sadly I was unable to complete my A Level Assessments due to Glandular Fever, and I was unable to start the degree at NUA due to life throwing an unexpected divorce shaped curve-ball.
Despite continually attending workshops and short courses to further my photography skills, I have always regretted not holding formal academic photography qualifications. Recently I feel my progression and personal work has stalled and needs drive and focus. I have missed studying and reading art; much of my education focus in recent years has been business based and less self-reflective.

I have reached the point now where I wish to go back to go forwards, and experiment and evolve my own style, thoughts and approach to photography. I hope that through studying flexibly through OCA I can fit my studies around my commitments as a self employed, newly remarried, mother of three young children; and that the skills and accreditation earned through completion of the degree will allow me to hopefully study to MA level, and develop a career in photography and the arts as my children grow.

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