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Assignment 5 – Tutor Feedback Response

My tutor asked me what it was I was trying to achieve with these images, and if I could title them as a series. I found this latter part quite difficult to answer.

My main plan with these images was to slow down the act of taking a photograph, and engage with the process rather than just doing everything without too much thinking. We discussed how that was portrayed through the images. The final images don’t really reflect the process behind them as I had deliberately kind of stepped back from thinking about the final image, instead focusing on what I was doing. My tutor asked me the pertinent question of ‘why did I take that image’. And this opened up my thoughts to more than just ‘what caught my eye’.

We discussed how EYV is a unit about getting across your vision, and so I am now rethinking these images with a plan to delve a little deeper into the why as well as the how.

We also explored how to maybe get across the thought process of how I came to settle on a final image, and how a lot of that process is actually recorded in the contact sheets. Multiple images were taken for each image, so why did I chose that particular one, and how did I put together the series. We discussed whether it was case of showing two images, for example where I’ve taken a wider image in the case of one of my poppy photographs, followed with the close up where I’ve obviously thought about a different way to frame them.

It was clear my writings, although reflective, didn’t actually reflect on the images themselves, and so I will now spent a bit more time thinking about the why before I go and reshoot these images again.

My tutor also pointed out many of the images are actually quite flat which I hadn’t previously noticed. And actually on reflection it is the flatter compositions that I like the most and feel most connected to. We discussed how although I had set out to create a series of very different images, that actually maybe this flatness is a running theme that with reshoots and reflection, may put together a more coherent, and yet still varied, series of images.

It was mentioned I seemed to have learned a lot during this assignment, and I believe I have, not just in this assignment but in the entire Expressing Your Vision unit. I am not at the place now I expected to be when I enrolled on the course, but actually all the struggles and changes along the way have lead to me being in much more positive and understanding place. When I started this course it was pre-pandemic. Since then I have changed my entire career after nearly a decade working in the same area, I have dealt with home-schooling 2 children, both of whom have since been shown to have additional needs, my baby is now a very lively and headstrong toddler, planned childcare has gone out of the window, and I have most recently dealt with the shock of discovering I myself have ADHD. Over the course of this unit I have come to realise that actually studying photography at this level is not the right path for me after so many years of working in the medium professionally. I wanted to go back to basics as it were and explore the artform of photography away from my usual work settings. However I’ve realised that what I actually need is a new challenge and something to build on from fresher foundations. My career path has also changed in the last year and so I’m excited to be moving on towards the Graphic Design degree and getting stuck into something new.

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