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    How to Be A Creative Learner – 1/5

    A monthly zoom talk with Andrea Norrington for studying photography in general. This is session 1 of a planed 5 part series. SUMMARY: Keep up the momentum by scheduling work and sticking to it, and have a plan b for when you can’t complete the scheduled work. (i.e for weather etc). Write your plan down as way of showing commitment. Side Projects are a great way to keep creativity flowing. They can be as simple or as complex as you like. Try to be regular with them, daily or weekly for example. Or longer term projects where you can allow for the time for them to build. Reflection needs to…

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    Sep/Oct Tutor Led Zoom Meeting

    ’30 second’ take away: Other students’ work – We are all working with similar restrictions, confusions and frustrations. Other students also seem to be hit with the challenges of understanding the course and self doubts about their work as I do. They are still producing fantastic work, and therefore if I push ahead despite my doubts I should be able to as well. Critiquing work – By all means share your initial emotive response and praise for work, but don’t be afraid to offer a critical view also as this allows further growth and meaningful discussion. Critiquing work and providing feedback provides not only a social aspect to studying and…

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    The Photography Show Talks

    STUDENT & GRADUATION PANEL SESSION – WHERE NOW? Paul Herrman (Redeye – the photography network) and a panel from across the image-making industry will come together to give quick-fire advice to those who have just graduated. Panel: Sarah Fisher (Executive Director, Open Eye Gallery), Lauren Scott (Editor, Digital Photographer), Alex Robbins (multi-award winning pet photographer). 30 Sec Recap: Consider your values – think about what is important to you. Working as a value driven photographer you may not be rich but you will be fulfilled. The rewards for working with what you are passionate about are great. Make a living and make a change. You can practice whats important to…

  • Blackpool, England. 1982. Chris Steele-Perkins
    Learning Log,  Reflection,  Talks, Webinars & Meets

    August Tutor EYV meet up

    Thirty second take away Plough on with projects – keep momentum going when you can, or it will be a 7 year course. Don’t over think it – experiment and enjoy it. Don’t stall worrying if ‘right’. Keep assessment in mind and push for the earliest submission so not hanging over you as you move through the course. Use for the most up to date literature. Check the new 140820 assessment guidelines Keep going with blog for reflection and research Composition is about more than the rules. Action Points: Look up assessment submission dates – Nov assessment = August request date, September submission. Use these dates to plan assignment…