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    Exercise 3.1 – Freeze

    Harold Edgerton I was drawn to Edgerton’s images due to the scientific nature of his work. While his infamous Milk Drop Coronet and other Milk Drop images are instantly recognizable, I also love images such as ‘Bullet Through Balloons’, ‘This…

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    Nigel Shafran

    I came across the work of Nigel Shafran when looking for images that held a similar raw, unedited and messy feel as that I was going for. When looking through Shafran’s website, I found that some series’ had a very…

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    Choosing a lens for a job

    Before starting this course I made a system switch to Sony having only ever used Nikon previously. The biggest change I have found is my lenses. I had built a pretty comprehensive kit over time for my Nikons, but I…

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    The Photography Show Talks

    STUDENT & GRADUATION PANEL SESSION – WHERE NOW? Paul Herrman (Redeye – the photography network) and a panel from across the image-making industry will come together to give quick-fire advice to those who have just graduated. Panel: Sarah Fisher (Executive…

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    Brad Walls; Pools From Above

    Just as I started looking at the next exercises of Point, Line and Frame, I noticed a news article cropping up a lot about aerial photogrspher Brad Walls; who has taken photographs of swimming pools around the world. I found…

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    Research – jpegs

    My initial thoughts on ‘Jpegs’: Just a poor res image. Saved badly, not loaded correctly. Years of photographing for clients means always striving for the sharpest image. Look past the pixels to envision the detailed image. Maybe a by-product of…