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    Exercise 3.1 – Freeze

    Harold Edgerton I was drawn to Edgerton’s images due to the scientific nature of his work. While his infamous Milk Drop Coronet and other Milk Drop images are instantly recognizable, I also love images such as ‘Bullet Through Balloons’, ‘This Is Coffee’ and ‘Fanning The Cards’ (all seen below) as great examples of freezing a moment in time. In these later three in particular, you really feel like the motion has completely stopped; you can envision what likely happened moments before, and moments later, but right now we’re on the cusp of the completion of that action, but stuck right where we are with the conclusion never to come. I…

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    Nigel Shafran

    I came across the work of Nigel Shafran when looking for images that held a similar raw, unedited and messy feel as that I was going for. When looking through Shafran’s website, I found that some series’ had a very clear correlation with each other in their content and style Packages (2012-2013). Whereas others had little to no consistency in their content or subject matter Ruthbook (1992-2004), however by being grouped together and given a name – in this case ‘Ruthbook’ – we can assume these are all images linked to his wife, Ruth, who is the lady that is the subject of many of the images. Interestingly it is…

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    October Tutorial – Narrative and Storytelling

    It’s all in the edit: Narrative and storytelling Summary: A great session with thought provoking discussion round how everything we do creates an edit, a story and/or a narrative. We explored the process of creating work, and the thinking around the way the work is presented, the story you are trying to tell, or not tell. This can be down to the image framing, the selection of images, the edit of the photograph or the way it’s presented. Many aspects come into the storytelling of a piece of work. There was also great discussion about the telling of other peoples stories, whether it is ethical to do so, whether permission…

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    Assignment 2 More ideas – Things

    While mindlessly scrolling Instagram this morning my thumb paused on an image posted by the F22 group; one from a series by Wendy Carrig which had just won gold in the Still Life & Object category in the AOP 2020 Awards. The photograph was one of a discarded lighter with an image of a pin-up style model printed on the front. Looking well-battered and photographed against a decayed looking background, I paused because with the print on the lighter, it almost looked like a portrait photo, but I then noticed it was in fact an object. This one image started a little whirlwind of thoughts as I clicked through to…

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    Research – Ex 2.1 Zoom

    Having the ability to ‘zoom in’ allows you to focus in on areas of a frame / scene. To me this means seeing “Scenes within scenes” – almost like Ex 1.2 – Point, where the image was composed within just one section of the frame, or Ex 1.43 – Line, where using lines to flatten images creates a completely different, possibly abstract photograph to one that was at a wider angle to give context. I wanted to explore this idea of an scene within a scene, or an image within an image. A few examples sprang to mind. World’s Largest Image 195-Billion Pixel Interactive Image of Shanghai – interactive and…

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    Choosing a lens for a job

    Before starting this course I made a system switch to Sony having only ever used Nikon previously. The biggest change I have found is my lenses. I had built a pretty comprehensive kit over time for my Nikons, but I was starting again on a budget with Sony. As a result my current kit contains only my Sony A7iii, and two prime lenses; the Samyang 24mm F2.8 and the Samyang 35mm F1.4. I have found these more than adequate for my preferred documentary work, and I like that these lenses are relatively light, compact (especially the 24mm) and unobtrusive. My frustrations lie in the quality of the glass but due…

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    The Photography Show Talks

    STUDENT & GRADUATION PANEL SESSION – WHERE NOW? Paul Herrman (Redeye – the photography network) and a panel from across the image-making industry will come together to give quick-fire advice to those who have just graduated. Panel: Sarah Fisher (Executive Director, Open Eye Gallery), Lauren Scott (Editor, Digital Photographer), Alex Robbins (multi-award winning pet photographer). 30 Sec Recap: Consider your values – think about what is important to you. Working as a value driven photographer you may not be rich but you will be fulfilled. The rewards for working with what you are passionate about are great. Make a living and make a change. You can practice whats important to…

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    Brad Walls; Pools From Above

    Just as I started looking at the next exercises of Point, Line and Frame, I noticed a news article cropping up a lot about aerial photogrspher Brad Walls; who has taken photographs of swimming pools around the world. I found his work interesting as he uses a number of these fundamental techniques of composition in order to create his striking and visually appealing images. I really like the unusual viewpoint using the drone achieves, and found it interesting just how the images are so unlike our usual perception of how a swimming pool should look. Where he places the points / subjects in his frame is interesting as this seems…

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    Karen Knorr – Belgravia

    Anything that involves people in their normal everyday surroundings instantly resonates with me. But this series intrigued me further due to the use of quotes within the series. Often when I look at images any accompanying blurb is just as interesting to me as the image itself. Sometimes it answers questions I have about the piece, sometimes it poses more. This falls into the latter, and I enjoyed reading the quotes and thinking more about the images. Were the subjects interviewed to give these responses? What were they asked if so? Where the questions the same for each subject? Are these quotes even from the person we’re seeing? I also…

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    In conversation with Martin Parr – 1854 Presents

    WIP – By chance I happened to notice a link to a live talk coming up with Martin Parr on a facebook post. Being a fan of Martin Parr’s work I made a calendar note and was pleased when I was able to log in to listen to his live talk with 1854 about creating work within the current lock down.