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    Assignment 3 ideas

    Freezing a repetitive motion with a fast shutter – a long repeated motion in real life, but just a fraction of a second is recorded. For example tapping on a table, playing ping pong etc. panning photos of the children playing, freezing them but the world around them is blurred in their play using strobe to capture a series of movements we don’t usually witness in stages, like standing up, turning round etc. long exposure self portraits of mundane tasks. Things we all do everyday that take up our time but we either don’t notice the time passing, or often we’re on autopilot. I think of all of these ideas…

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    Assignment 2 – Developed Idea

    Having shot what I thought were my assignment images, when I looked at the selection I felt actually they were lacking context and didn’t come across as I had hoped. I had hoped that the objects that were very much ‘out of place’ would stand out more. Like an alien in the scene. However all it was was a set of photos of mess laying around my house. Which, in itself, could have made an adequate series, but it wasn’t the context I was going for. I wanted the photographs to portray how these things weren’t where they belonged. But actually the subject of my image jut got lost amongst…

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    Right, where was I..?

    Towards the end of last year my health took a turn for the worse and I was diagnosed with long term post-natal depression. Fueled by the joy that was 2020, homeschooling, a crazy toddler and a business to run, I had to step away from studying while I focused on getting better. With support, I’m now returning to my studies and am now attempting to pick up where I left off. I need to revisit which exercises I started, which I finished but hadn’t managed to write up, and what I have yet to get started on. It feels like I have such a way to go having taken a…

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    October Tutorial – Narrative and Storytelling

    It’s all in the edit: Narrative and storytelling Summary: A great session with thought provoking discussion round how everything we do creates an edit, a story and/or a narrative. We explored the process of creating work, and the thinking around the way the work is presented, the story you are trying to tell, or not tell. This can be down to the image framing, the selection of images, the edit of the photograph or the way it’s presented. Many aspects come into the storytelling of a piece of work. There was also great discussion about the telling of other peoples stories, whether it is ethical to do so, whether permission…

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    Assignment 2 More ideas – Things

    While mindlessly scrolling Instagram this morning my thumb paused on an image posted by the F22 group; one from a series by Wendy Carrig which had just won gold in the Still Life & Object category in the AOP 2020 Awards. The photograph was one of a discarded lighter with an image of a pin-up style model printed on the front. Looking well-battered and photographed against a decayed looking background, I paused because with the print on the lighter, it almost looked like a portrait photo, but I then noticed it was in fact an object. This one image started a little whirlwind of thoughts as I clicked through to…

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    Sep/Oct Tutor Led Zoom Meeting

    ’30 second’ take away: Other students’ work – We are all working with similar restrictions, confusions and frustrations. Other students also seem to be hit with the challenges of understanding the course and self doubts about their work as I do. They are still producing fantastic work, and therefore if I push ahead despite my doubts I should be able to as well. Critiquing work – By all means share your initial emotive response and praise for work, but don’t be afraid to offer a critical view also as this allows further growth and meaningful discussion. Critiquing work and providing feedback provides not only a social aspect to studying and…

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    A lesson in planning

    I have recently fallen behind my planned timeline for my studies due to a number of factors. Global pandemic playing havoc with life as we know it. Having three children during said pandemic, and now ‘on summer holidays’. My own health suffering, causing exhaustion amongst other limiting factors. Most notably, my failure to look ahead and plan and pace my studies. Assignment one took me far longer than planned as the pandemic took grip, turning my family life on its’ head while we readjusted to our new normal. This also sent me into a spin of self reflection, doubts and re-evaluating priorities from daily tasks to life ambitions. I vowed…

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    August Tutor EYV meet up

    Thirty second take away Plough on with projects – keep momentum going when you can, or it will be a 7 year course. Don’t over think it – experiment and enjoy it. Don’t stall worrying if ‘right’. Keep assessment in mind and push for the earliest submission so not hanging over you as you move through the course. Use for the most up to date literature. Check the new 140820 assessment guidelines Keep going with blog for reflection and research Composition is about more than the rules. Action Points: Look up assessment submission dates – Nov assessment = August request date, September submission. Use these dates to plan assignment…

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    Square Mile: Tutor Feedback

    30 second reflection: I was really proud to have some great positive feedback for this first assignment. I wasn’t sure if I had taken the right approach but was pleased to hear I was on the right track. My self reflections were praised and I was reassured that my approach to my studies and my learning log are on the right track from the outset. There were areas identified I could have expanded on my process and I will take that feedback forward to future assignments.

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    Tutor led – Approaching an assignment

    Takeaways: Don’t be afraid to ‘fail’ – EXPERIMENT. Keep up the momentum, plan ahead realistically and stick to deadlines. Use your phone to keep creativity up and pay with ideas unrelated to the assignment. Give yourself side projects. Follow your interest and allow ideas to come to an end if you want to explore different paths. Don’t try and envision the end at the start. Approaching assignment part one recap – developing a series of work – see previous notes in the padlet. Projects are for building a body of work – longevity. Previous session : How to start, develop research revise, evolve. Learning Logs to reflect and plan. Exploring…