Regular reflection on my learning progress, plans and challenges I have encountered in my studies.

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    Assignment 3 ideas

    Freezing a repetitive motion with a fast shutter – a long repeated motion in real life, but just a fraction of a second is recorded. For example tapping on a table, playing ping pong etc. panning photos of the children…

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    Right, where was I..?

    Towards the end of last year my health took a turn for the worse and I was diagnosed with long term post-natal depression. Fueled by the joy that was 2020, homeschooling, a crazy toddler and a business to run, I…

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    Learning Log,  Reflection

    A lesson in planning

    I have recently fallen behind my planned timeline for my studies due to a number of factors. Global pandemic playing havoc with life as we know it. Having three children during said pandemic, and now ‘on summer holidays’. My own…

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    Into The Unknown

    So many teams collaborating. Animator with impostor syndrome – animating the key part of “Into The Unknown” with the main character – and still felt like she wasn’t good enough. Using techniques of using herself as a model. Interesting how…