Assignment 4

Assignment 4 – Languages Of Light

I was intrigued by the natural form of fruit. Initially I used this as my starting point for exercise 4.3 – Egg or Stone. I wanted to see how different lighting accentuated namely the skin of the fruit; the texture, the colour, the general appearance of the layer protecting the fruit inside.

As I explored this idea further, I became interested in the differences, or similarities, between different fruits. I thought about how these comparisons may present themselves not only through the skin of the fruit, but also the inside. The difference between a lime and a lemon for example, or an orange. All very similar in terms of construct but very different fruits.

Also how the make up of the fruit is more than the skin and the shape that we see sitting in the fruit bowl. I started to think about the insides of fruit, and how it’s so perfectly formed for it’s purpose. The little juicy cells of citrus fruit, or the seeds nestled within an apple. This led to me realising that the best way to view this form is often not the way we prepare the fruit to eat; food preparation usually involves sectioning the fruit vertically, top to bottom, where as the real beauty often shows through best when the fruit is cross sectioned horizontally.

I was not setting out to try and take food advertisement style images, I wanted to capture the natural form and shape of the fruit. This led me to discover the work of Edward Weston, in particular his ‘Shell’ and ‘Pepper’ images. (Kirby, K. (2019) Edward Weston. At: (Accessed 16/06/2021) I especially liked the abstract style images and the contrast from the lighting. I knew that I couldn’t replicate the image style with my lens and lighting but it inspired me to try to seek alternative views of fruit many of us look at every day.

“The camera should be used for a recording of life; for rendering the very substance and quintessence of the thing itself, whether it be polished steel or palpitating flesh.”

Edward Weston


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