• Berenice Abbott. El at Columbus Avenue and Broadway. 1929 | MoMA
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    A lesson in planning

    I have recently fallen behind my planned timeline for my studies due to a number of factors. Global pandemic playing havoc with life as we know it. Having three children during said pandemic, and now ‘on summer holidays’. My own health suffering, causing exhaustion amongst other limiting factors. Most notably, my failure to look ahead and plan and pace my studies. Assignment one took me far longer than planned as the pandemic took grip, turning my family life on its’ head while we readjusted to our new normal. This also sent me into a spin of self reflection, doubts and re-evaluating priorities from daily tasks to life ambitions. I vowed…

  • Blackpool, England. 1982. Chris Steele-Perkins
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    August Tutor EYV meet up

    Thirty second take away Plough on with projects – keep momentum going when you can, or it will be a 7 year course. Don’t over think it – experiment and enjoy it. Don’t stall worrying if ‘right’. Keep assessment in mind and push for the earliest submission so not hanging over you as you move through the course. Use www.learn.OCA.ac.uk for the most up to date literature. Check the new 140820 assessment guidelines Keep going with blog for reflection and research Composition is about more than the rules. Action Points: Look up assessment submission dates – Nov assessment = August request date, September submission. Use these dates to plan assignment…

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    Brad Walls; Pools From Above

    Just as I started looking at the next exercises of Point, Line and Frame, I noticed a news article cropping up a lot about aerial photogrspher Brad Walls; who has taken photographs of swimming pools around the world. I found his work interesting as he uses a number of these fundamental techniques of composition in order to create his striking and visually appealing images. I really like the unusual viewpoint using the drone achieves, and found it interesting just how the images are so unlike our usual perception of how a swimming pool should look. Where he places the points / subjects in his frame is interesting as this seems…

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    Exercise 1.1 The Instrument

    By photographing on a day with fast moving clouds in a frame largely filed with sky, I had predicted that the exposures would show big differences on the histograms from the changing light. I was surprised at how similar they actually remained. I can see now that with my camera set to auto, the shutter speed was automatically adjusted to compensate, resulting in minimal – yet clear – differences on the histogram. The ISO and aperture interestingly remained mostly the same. I repeated this exercise by taking a series of 3-4 images a few seconds apart, at intervals of 5-10 minutes apart. I had expected that comparing the histograms from…